Ordering process

„First of all, I want to thank you for choosing me and I’m glad we’re going to work together!””

I would like you to read some important information before ordering so that you are aware of the process and I can help you get involved in the process!

The process itself:

1, Send Me a Message!
Please describe exactly what you have in mind and how many pieces of art you would like to get! Be careful NOT to write it in bulk,but as a list, make it understandable and include pictures too!


„I want a Lurk emote, which
peeks out from his right and expresses his
amazement! My Hair and eye color: brown.
My hair: I wear it long and combed to the side! I
should be in a short-sleeved T-shirt what is purple!”

Hair color and eye color:
T-shirt color:


„I want a Lurk emote!
I have no exact idea, I could wear a long
sleeve t-shirt. Could it be good? I don’t know for sure
I’d rather trust you and in the end
we’ll see together how I like it!”

– Non-specific information
– Not clear
– There is no possibility of post-change, the details must be discussed in advance!
– I do not accept orders like this!

The orders may be closed. In this case, you can subscribe to the newsletter HERE and receive an automatic email as soon as the ordering is reopened again!

2, I will add you to my customers list!
Waiting time is always variable! I will let you know in advance how many weeks / months you will have to wait! I am starting your commission a few days
before the order delivery time! In rare cases, I may be able to start it sooner,
but I will notify you about it of course! If you would like to cancel your order for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible!

3, Salary!
Before I get to work, I’ll contact you. I will ask for your details and I will send you an invoice. As soon as the money has arrived to my account, I will start preparing it as agreed.

4, Sketches!
When the sketches are done, I’ll send them to you. Please check your email address several times a day (or whichever platform where we are currently talking) because I will need you to approve the drawings. If you do not respond within 1-2 days, I will start coloring them! In this case, if you do not like the sketch, your refund option will be lost. Of course, you can also use revisions during the coloring process!

Changes, revisions:

  • You can only make small changes! Making all the sketches is a lot of work for me, so there is no possibility for redrawing, changing poses, and for major conversions within a revision. It is important that you tell me everything you think is important in the preliminary information!
  • Small changes: A small fix that doesn’t take much work. (For example: eye color, t-shirt color, lip shape, blushing, etc.)
  • Each job has a revision number, ie. a change number! (e.g. 1 emote / 1 revision, 3 emotes / 2 revisions, 5 emotes / 3 revisions, etc.) I will tell you this during the preliminary discussion and please, be aware of this, provide the exact information about the work requested!

If you like the job but would like to use more revisions:

  • plus 1 small change: $ 5-10
  • plus 1 major change: $ 15-20
  • redraw from zero: the total cost of the requested work
  • redraw sketch only: 50% of the price of the current work

I have the right to cancel and refuse the order without giving reasons. In this case, your payment will be fully refunded!

5, Coloring and delivering the graphics!
If I started coloring the finished sketches, you can be sure that you will receive and use the finished graphic(s) soon! If I started coloring in a way that you couldn’t answer after the sketches, don’t be afraid: small changes are easy to correct even after coloring, so it doesn’t interfere with the process of getting the job done! If you like the end result, I will send you the Twitch sizes or the sizes that we’ve agreed upon the ordering to the e-mail address you’ve provided!

IMPORTANT: I ​​reserve the right to use the finished works as references or for advertising purposes!

Thank you for reading it carefully! 😉


If you do not like the end results, you have the option to request a refund! Refunds are possible as follows:

  • Cancellation after the draft – 50% refund
  • After completing the order – no refund is possible.