This is Fujin! My little hard-working helper, the tireless evil,
the queen of toys,
the light of my eyes, my everything!
Under no circumstances will she let me forget
that sometimes you have to get out of work
because the treats and the games are way
more important than anything and anyone!

Hi, I’m Moncsy!

If you are looking for a graphic artist who can implement your ideas,
or even add many, many other ideas
who is open minded, empathetic, patient
and not afraid of new challenges, you are in the right place!!

I am constantly educating myself
and continuing to learn!

I am currently learning animation so
I can expand my offerings!

Personal informations:

I’m from Hungary, I live in Budapest now.

I mostly use Adobe Photoshop CC to draw.

I use a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16.

Since I was little I really liked to draw! I have been drawing professionally and full time as a graphics designer since June 2018.

I love to do traditional drawings, but due to commissions it is almost impossible to find the time for it.

I went to a Fashion Design School where I learned the basics of drawing and have been self-educating myself with various instructional videos ever since!

For me, the key is to hand over unique and personalized work
to my clients!
I find communication terribly
important in today’s world!
That the customer should have the opportunity to
ask any questions, and with a calm heart
entrust someone with your ideas and work!
Don’t be afraid to get
something other than
what you dreamed of!

Travel, plans, dreams

To get to Japan!

Visit the pyramids!

Grand Canyon National Park!

Sunbathe in the Canary Islands!

Hike in forests, climb mountains!

I want a dog!

All my dreams is a small detached house!

Scuba diving!